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Here's What People are Saying about LSYE

“Lori is not only an incredibly knowledgeable technician, she is also an entertaining and engaging instructor. She kept our teen audience interested and involved the entire time, and anyone who has ever worked with teens knows this is no small feat!”
Kim Bravo, Librarian
Automobile Reference Collection | Free Library of Philadelphia

"Lori is a fabulous teacher and an inspiring woman. She is also single-handedly empowering women everywhere to approach life on a more equal footing. Suddenly, there is nothing scary or intimidating or inherently male about car care. I think that I speak for many women when I say that we are proud to count her as one of us!"
Kristyn - Pittsburgh Car Show 2010

"The LSYE workshop is great! Lori is an excellent teacher. She's knowledgeable, friendly and engaging, which makes the class enjoyable and beneficial for all the participants."
Diedra Wylie
Assistant Manager, Communications
General Motors Western Region

"The class was absolutely terrific. I believe everyone who attended walked away with some new information and a little more confidence in maintaining their own cars for smaller issues. Thank you for the opportunity and experience. I look forward to having more."
Awesome Adventure Women

"Lori Johnson adds much experience to the panel of automotive expert women and gives  a tremendous boost to our already amazing group of women experts," says Jody DeVere, President of Ask Patty. DeVere continues, "Lori has a great amount of technical expertise and her Ladies, Start Your Engines! Program is a perfect fit with Ask Patty."
Jody DeVere

“I have personally attended Lori’s Service Clinic and not only does she make it fun, she also does a great job of explaining difficult technical concepts. During this Service Clinic everyone has fun while learning. She teaches information that every driver should know about their vehicles.”
Karen R., Volkswagen

“Lori’s vast experience and qualifications makes her a perfect fit for facilitating these clinics for women.”
Christian Porter
Owner, Everest AutoWorks

“She started her instructional service for women this year because of what she often witnessed from her fellow, male wrench turners: condescension toward, and sometimes exploitation of, female customers.”
Philadelphia Inquirer
November 2006

“This class was so helpful. Lori is very knowledgeable and patient. I will tell many of my family and friends.”
Participant from Ardmore Toyota

“Fantastic class! Lori made it all so simple!”
Participant from Community College of Philadelphia

“As a Women's Studies Professor I appreciate classes like Ladies Start your Engines that empower women in their everyday activities. Lori is a fantastic instructor who puts everyone at ease and gives hands-on examples. I learned a lot and feel much more confident about my car and about speaking to mechanics about any problems I might have.”
Mt. Airy Learning Tree Participant

“The most important part of the class to me was changing a tire, if I ever get another flat tire, I KNOW I can change it on my own. Hats off to you Ms. Johnson for the fabulous work shop. Every woman should attend one of your workshops.”
Newport News Library/Casey Chevrolet VA

“It is so informative and well presented and taught in terms that we can understand. I had no idea that I could actually understand what was going on under my hood!”
Newport News Library/Casey Chevrolet VA

“Very informative and fun. I felt comfortable to ask questions. I was afraid to ask questions before!”
GM class in San Diego

“Excellent teachers. Clear, patient, good rapport, gracious. Thank you so much.”
GM class in San Diego

“Every woman should take this class. I will recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances!” GM class in San Diego


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